Himchan (BAP)



Stage name: Himchan, 힘찬
Real name: Kim Him Chan, 김힘찬
In the group B.A.P: subvocalist, rapper, visual
Birthday: April 19, 1990
Zodiac sign: Aries
Rabbit: pink


Facts about Himchan

1) Kim Himchan was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.
2) Himchan's family: parents, older sister.
3) Kim Himchan's education: Korea National University of Arts (traditional arts), National High School of Korean Traditional Music (07′).
4) Himchan's love for music came from an early age. He was studying Western and traditional Korean (gukak) music when he received a call about an opportunity to enter the entertainment industry, which he was also interested in. Kim Himchan can play the janggu (traditional Korean musical instrument) and has also worked with artists who played the shamisen (Japanese traditional musical instrument) during the pre-debut.
5) Kim Himchan has been a trainee for 1.5 years.
6) Himchan was the second member of B.A.P to be officially announced in August 2011.
7) Kim Himchan was the sub-vocalist, rapper and visual of B.A.P from January 26, 2012 to February 18, 2019 when he signed with TS Ent. expired and he decided not to update it. All B.A.P members have hinted at resuming activities under a different name.
8) Himchan made his debut as an actor on January 13, 2018, playing the role of Lee Sun in the historical play 'Yodo'.
9) On July 24, 2018, a certain woman accused Kim Himchan of sexual harassment. The police became interested in this case, Himchan denied the allegations, arguing that everything was by mutual agreement.
10) Himchan's ideal type is a kind woman.

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