Daehyun (BAP)



Stage name: Daehyun, 대현
Real name: Jung Dae Hyun, 정대현
In the group B.A.P: main vocalist, face of the group
Rabbit: white
Birthday: June 28, 1993
Zodiac sign: Cancer


Facts about Daehyun

1) Jung Daehyun is from Donnae-gu, Busan, South Korea.
2) Daehyun was born on the same day as Lee Teri.
3) Jung Daehyun has an older brother.
4) Daehyun wants to become an actor.
5) Jung Daehyun wrote many songs: How about you, Dark Light, Shadow and I Can't Fly.
6) Daehyun is close to Seungkwan (Seventeen), Kwon Hyunbin (former JBJ member) and Lee Su-Woong (Boys Republic).
7) Jung Daehyun loves to sing.
8) Daehyun's ideal type: Someone like Shin Saimdang.

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