Real name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, นิ ช คุณ หร เวช กุล
Nickname: Hung
Nationality: Thai / American
Religion: Buddhism
Group role: Sub-vocalist and dancer
Date of birth: June 24, 1988
Astrological sign: Cancer
Birthplace: California, USA
Height: 180 cm
Blood type: O
Languages: Fluent in Thai, English and Korean. Learns Chinese and Japanese.
Thepkanchana School (up to grade 4), Thailand
Tungpiruntham School (grades 5-6), Thailand
Nawamintharachinutit Satriwittaya Phuttamonthon School (Grade 7), Thailand
Wanganui Collegiate School (one and a half years), New Zealand
A school in California (grade 9), USA
Los Osos High School (grades 10-12), USA



Interesting facts about Nichkhun

1) Nikkun has a brother and 2 sisters: an older brother - Nichan Horvejkul. Younger Sisters - Nitikarn Horvejkul and Nutcharee Horvejkul

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2) He moved to Thailand at the age of two (18 months).


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3) Later moved back to the USA where he graduated from high school.
4) A JYP agent met him at a Korean concert in the US and invited him to audition. Nichkhun ended up auditioning at Starbucks near his California home. He sang Old Town - "All or Nothing"


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5) He first signed a 10 year contract with JYP, however, the contract was later reduced to 8 years.
6) The name Nichkhun was given by the mother.


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7) In 2007 he was MC with Taecyeon at J's Studio of the JYP program. The program was canceled after episode 2.
8) In December 2009, he was approved for The Shining Diploma, but filming was postponed because it was contrary to his schedule.
9) He has cried three times in public since he moved to Korea. The first was on "Hot Blood" (a reality show). The second was in the episode "Star King". The third was at 2PM's first concert in Seoul in 2010.


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10) Nichkhun's favorite color is red. He usually wears red clothes.
11) Fan of Disney and Disneyland.
12) Hates being called pretty handsome


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