Real name: Lee Jun Ho (이준호)
Role in the group: Main Vocalist
Date of birth: January 25, 1990
Height: 178 cm
Blood type: A
Religion: Christianity


Interesting facts about Junho:

1) Junho joins JYPE after winning "Superstar Survival"


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2) Junho's face is very similar to B (Rain).
3) Many people accuse Junho of plastic surgery due to the fact that he looks like Rain, however, these are only rumors


2pm Junho Rain


4) His nickname is Hwangjae (Emperor)
5) Junho is the beatbox champion
6) The size of his shoes is 27.5 cm


Junho 2pm Джунхо


7) Junho likes to shop online
8) He is left-handed, but always eats with his right hand.
9) Junho believes in the existence of UFOs


Junho 2pm Джунхо


10) He is very ambitious and committed to achieving his goals
11) He has a cat (variety of Russian blue) named Ggomangi


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Ggomangi Джунхо Junho 2pm